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Our Family Photo shoot tutorial

My friend came out and took some pictures for me.  I tried to set up the shot for her and than she took them. She did a great job trying to get my kids to smile.  I even through in some loud chuckles to try to get lyvi to smile.  As you can see it worked!!

So Here is a little step by step on how I ended up with our family photo.

picture 1 below:  I sorted through the picture  Tom liked his face in this one… but not till the end did he tell me so I switched it out at the very end.

Picture 2 below: The only person I didn’t love was Alyvia, but I loved her in this one so I used this one of her.

So I used picture 2 and I swapped Lyvi in.  The tricky part here was that in the above picture her leg was behind my bum, so when I put her in she had a huge hole in her leg.  So I took her other leg and used it too fill in the missing one.  So essential she has two left legs.

The trick when using the clone tool or swapping heads is just blending really good.  Even on my legs if you look too close you can see it is more blurry around the area which normally I don’t like to do.  But I also don’t normally use to left legs either 🙂

And than I came up with Picture 3. { and than Tom decided he didn’t like his face so I added picture 1 in}

I also filled in Tom’s hair. {Using the Clone tool} The way it was done it looked like a little bald spot.  But he really isn’t bald there.

Than I used some editing magic, dodge and burned some areas, used my blending modes, some of my actions and other actions used to my taste and here is the finished picture..  Let me know if this is helpful and if I should do more… I love to see the Before and Afters…

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